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WinCAM's new Policies and Procedures

I currently have 6 memberships at different access TV stations. This letter dated September 23, 2014 (which I received on or about the 25th) tells members that WinCAM is not allowing members from other cities, but the letter does NOT mention that if you have a business in Winchester you can still be a member. Membership retention is one of the key goals of any club, or organization that encourages membership. The members run a station. The Board of Directors allegedly put "term limits" of 10 years in effect. Term limits should be 3 or 4 years, not a decade, and those board members in for a decade want another decade. These types of policies fly in the face of Public Access and the PRIVATE Access that was Medford was taken apart in a very public and very embarrassing way. I am staying at WinCAM (unless they come up with another rule to keep people out, which would be very able to see as a ruse and could be just the thing to POSSIBLY have the board members engaging in this kind of behavior removed.) What kind of business takes someone's money in August (as they did to a friend of mine) and then in September sends them a letter that they aren't welcome anymore? Unbelievable.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Till death do us part....

  It's a strange experience when some friends ask you to pick up the clothing of someone you cared about.  Jo Jo Laine was in the U.K. towards the end of her life, having dual citizenship she decided the health care plan she had in the U.K. was important.  A few years after her passing "Uncle Ira" passed away, in his 90s.  Ira was a well-known Boston photographer who was the rock in their family, and he had a lot of clothing and stuff.  Had Ira been alive he would have phoned me to get their belongings, but the immediate family called mutual friends of ours.  So a month or two ago I'm picking up the clothing of one of my dearest friends.  Her kids are like step-kids to me, they were 3, 12 and 13 when Jo Jo and I met, they are now in their 30s and 40s.  So I moved the stuff into storage until we figure out how to get the clothing that they want from here to the U.K.  The point is, after years of loss, holding her coats in my hands was surreal.  And the photographs and the scrapbooks, it was like yesterday. 

   When Jo Jo passed away the messages from the other side came through loud and clear.  My best friend Jeff phoned me "Joe, you won't believe this...a bus is going by and the sign says JO JO TRAVELS"...she was sending Jeffrey a message.   The kids threw a surprise party in Chelsea for Jo Jo.  Chelsea being a random place that wasn't in our lives, it was a true surprise.  So I called up Rex Trailer who Jo Jo did a lot of modeling for, car commercials I guess and whatnot,  Rex and Jo Jo had a wonderful friendship.  Being a busy guy we didn't think he'd show up at the surprise birthday party, but there he was. Jeff and I and other friends of ours attended ...very happy times and memories we will always treasure. 

   Rod Stewart invited us to Great Woods (whatever the heck it is called now?  Former Tweeter Center, Comcast Center, what have you..)...after the show at the Four Seasons hotel back in Boston (a blur now, must've been a couple of hours after the show) Rod asked "What did you think, Joe?"  I said, "Rod, when you went into the classics it was tremendous."  Rod smiled and said "But I can't play all the old stuff just for you and the thirty critics in the audience!"  Of course when he did the unplugged record he did just that very successfully, glad I was one of the many votes!  So Jo Jo hands Rod a record I had co-produced for her with the late Jimmy Miller.  She introduced me to Rod as her "manager"...Rod said "So how long have you been producing Jo Jo?"  I said..."Awhile...I'm not her "manager" I make her records."  We had a laugh.  The next day Rod was playing soccer on the Boston Common with Jo Jo's oldest son.  After her lengthy relationship with Rod she met Denny Laine of Paul McCartney & Wings.  A business partner at the time was a major disc jockey on WZLX.  He announced that Rod Stewart was playing soccer with Denny Laine's son on the Boston Common...that must've caused a commotion...hope someone videotaped it because I was home working...Jo Jo tells me later "Rod said that my son has the exact shoe size as him."  And what did you say, I asked.  Jo Jo looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said she said to Rod "But of course!"
I was like, you gotta be kidding me.  "He's not Rod's son."  Jo Jo said "I know that, you know that, his father knows that...but after all that money he gave Alana (Hamilton)" my Jo Jo joked with a smile.

   My friend Jeff saw the sign "Jo Jo Travels."  Almost simultaneous with that I'm driving up Route 93 and "You Wear it Well" came on the radio.  I burst into tears...Rod Stewart had written the song for her, and wrote in her biography "You wore it well then, Jo Jo, you still wear it well now." 
"Remember them basement parties, your brother's karate the all day rock and roll shows. Them homesick blues and radical views haven't left a mark on you, you wear it well" Rod Stewart   (Jo Jo's brother was taking karate lessons at the time)

It's probably my favorite Rod Stewart song, and was before I met Jo Jo and before meeting Rod in person.  Jo Jo asked me to take a picture of her and Rod at the Four Seasons.  It ended up in some biography, uncredited, but there you have it, I was the only one there outside of the fellow Rod was with.


In August of 2013 our friend Manuel fell out of a hammock at 55 years old, broke his arm, went into a coma, and died three weeks later.  The shocking event reverberated through our old rock and roll scene. Friends of 30 years corresponding on the internet figured out we'd better start having "get togethers."  People we haven't seen, quite literally in decades, at least not all in the same restaurant at the same time, rekindled our friendships.  In the internet age it's not like we hadn't been in touch, but the cold reality was that we had replaced our camaraderie with digital happy birthdays and once in awhile phone calls. Manuel's tragic and sudden departure was difficult, certainly life changing for his wife, more than we could comprehend. 

     In September one of my bands reunited for a reunion party.  A week later the girlfriend of one of my musicians died.  Unbelievable.  The party for a nightclub was actually a gathering of friends.  I dedicated a song to lost bandmate Manuel and my friend Bobby Hebb, the author of "Sunny."    Bobby had visited me in Medford many times, sometimes to be on TV, sometimes just for lunch.  In August of 2010 Bobby unexpectedly passed away.  Suddenly, a voice on the phone, email correspondence, evaporates.  November 2010 rolls around and another best buddy, Karen, wife of a rock & roll hall of fame artist that I directed a movie of, is taken off of life support.    Karen would call me at 3 in the morning.  "Please, Karen, Jeff's asleep.  Don't call at this hour."  But she would reply I have to talk to you. "  I responded "When I first met you in '92 I hated you."  She, as astute as Jo Jo, would quip back "I hated you more, but I love you now.  I have to talk to you."   I wish she would call back...I'm still waiting.  Suddenly, the phone rings and it is not is not is certainly not Jo Jo, she sends signs via the radio. 

   The phone rings.  Maybe it's Rex Trailer?  Randy California of Spirit?  Ed Cassidy of Spirit? One of my late and dearly departed old friends?  No such luck.  "Hi, this is Captain Barry Clemente of the Medford Police Department with an informational message..." Sorry, Barry, you're not my type. 

   Phone rings again:  "Hi, this is City Councilor Paul Camuso, as your councilor I have supported programs and services for our senior citizens..."  You've got to be kidding me.  Wrong number. Now I've seen that guy on TV and he's definitely not my type.  Barry, Paul...I know you want to speak with Jo Jo, Rex and Randy but they are unavailable.  They are definitely least without a medium.

   * * * * *

   We thought Jo Jo was indestructible.  She had a strong presence, charisma by the boatloads.  At a club in Boston, Club Cafe, our entourage waltzed in (a friend of ours owned a limo company and would always insist on driving us around in style.)  Jo Jo, in a hurry to get out of the house and into the limo, inadvertently put on a green shoe and a pink shoe.  What the heck, she could make it work.  A pretty lady stops her (our inside joke was calling the establishment "Club Half Gay", which it kinda sorta is) ...and the pretty lady says "I LOVE YOUR SHOES."  
...Jo Jo says to her without skipping a beat ...."Yes,'s like my sexual preference.  I cannot make up my mind!" 
Jo Jo, standing with record producer Jimmy Miller of the Rolling Stones (RIP 1994) as I bumped into an extremely handsome ex of mine (thankfully, still alive)  at the bar (just so you have the reality drama here, perfect for late night television, emphasis on the word late for most of the characters in the cast.) 
Of course Jo Jo and my ex boyfriend met and he and his spouse all moved in together (on separate floors).  I had a way of matching people up, and probably still do.  Jo Jo would say "I cannot believe how good looking he is."  I would say "Dream on.  Ha ha..."  She was always taken with my relationships.  Which is why we were a perfect pair...our lives were an interesting tangle of people who genuinely cared for each other.   We would fly to Los Angeles, New York, West Palm Beach...and as one of the execs at one of the companies I worked for said "You two were the talk of the hotel."  Ha doubt in my mind.  Those were fun times, let's just say the experience was ...something you readers are not old enough to see in print right now.  Maybe when you are 200 years old.  God, I miss that girl.  The only girl I would have married...with permission of my significant other, of course. 

"They were such happy times...thought she was Mary queen of Scots."
Lou Reed, BERLIN lp
At one of Uncle Ira's parties at the Kowloon (his birthday a few days before mine in May) Jo Jo's mom pulled me aside.  "Joe, I have to tell you, and it won't be easy.  She's dying."  "Helen, stop it.  She would have told me."  Helen looked at me firmly and with a lot of love and said "She doesn't want you to worry."  I was shaken.  I called England the next day.  "Your mother says you are dying."  Jo Jo responded in her usual feigned outrage at a preposterous thought like that "My mother exaggerates."  But I knew Jo Jo, and her very religious mom would not ever do something like exaggerating about her daughter's life. 

Love you Jo Jo.  Always will. 

Till death do us part, baby.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lost Boston 45s Varulven


Beast Records (11) ‎– 0491
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Genre:  Rock


A Some Kids Never Grow Up 3:57
B Welcome To The Eighties 


A Don't Matter 3:08
B Nothing At All 3:30









A How'd We Ever Get So Girl Crazy
B Live Like You're Gonna Die Tomorrow


  • BassJeff Thomas (2)
  • DrumsCharles Molinari
  • EngineerJeff Bradley, Rod Revilock
  • Guitar, Bass, Vocals,


    A Hey Mister
    B Red Swirls



    Greg Prevost's official vinyl debut on his own Rochester NY "Nowhere Records" label, before he went on to join Andy Babiuk in the Mean Red Spiders and, more famously, The Chesterfield Kings.
    Include sleeve notes by Bomp! Records' Greg Shaw.

    ProducerSteve Davidson (2)


A Hey Mister
B Red Swirls



Greg Prevost's official vinyl debut on his own Rochester NY "Nowhere Records" label, before he went on to join Andy Babiuk in the Mean Red Spiders and, more famously, The Chesterfield Kings.
Include sleeve notes by Bomp! Records' Greg Shaw.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Matt Turk at The Burren, THE BURREN back room acoustic music series 247 Elm Street, Somerville MA Sunday July 7 at 8 PM

Through The Years with Matt Turk

Back in early 2000 or so my editor Larry at Replication News and Medialine invited me to meet musician Matt Turk at a New York diner.  Since I was in Manhattan for a convention or something or other, it was fun to meet up with this artist Larry had been raving about.    I believe I got a copy of his debut disc, Turktunes, at that meeting and wrote this for "Matt Turk is an exemplary singer/songwriter from the New York area with a six-song CD overflowing with refined power pop that shows ingenuity and enthusiasm. "Jimmy" opens the CD with a hook that won't quit while conjuring images of angels taking a damaged human being from this realm to the next for a new start."   Two years later Turk followed it up with the full-length What Gives
For that album I wrote "Matt Turk's What Gives is a smart, professional, highly palatable collection of frosty pop tunes that fall out of his pen effortlessly, enunciated by a voice so AM/FM friendly there is no question the world would be a better place with his material rocking the airwaves. You Are The One" opens things up with a slow-paced pop blues feeling sort of like "Like A Rolling Stone" gone Triple A radio".

Joseph Tortelli wrote of "Silver Ring" from Washington Arms

     Sometimes a song reverberates long after its original release date. The phenomenon is more common in authentic folk music than in the ephemeral pop marketplace. Such is the case with the "Silver Ring," a contemporary folk rock tune penned by singer-songwriter Matt Turk.
     "Silver Ring" was first released on Washington Arms, a 10-song album from 2006. Bursting with ringing acoustic guitar chords and tasteful electric riffs, the song and album highlight Turk's talents as composer, vocalist, and guitar player. Accompanied by drummer Kevin Hupp and bassist Kevin Jenkins, Turk creates a textured musical sound on both melodic ballads and uptempo rockers.
Also on Music Business Monthly

My review of American Preservation is on TMR Zoo

Please join Matt in Somerville Mass Sunday July 7 for the acoustic series at the Burren.  Other upcoming live summer shows in Long Island City, Peekskill, Provincetown on the Cape, Martinsville NJ, West Redding CT and TUESDAYS in AUGUST at GARCIA'S at the CAPITOL THEATER in a Tribute to Old and in the Way!  Matt will be be singing and playing mandolin and a bunch of friends will be joining the party including but not limited to  Deni Bonet fiddle/vocals, Adam Roberts/bass, Ayodele Maakheru/banjo, Howard Cohen guitar/vocals and Curtis Becraft guitar/vocals.


For more information: 


THE BURREN back room acoustic music series  
247 Elm Street, Somerville  MA

Rest Au Rant 
30-01 35th Ave. Long Island City, NY

970 Main St. Peekskill NY
in the garden...

185 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 
with Fred Gillen Jr./guitar & washboard
 Gary Schreiner/keyboards, accordion & chromatic harmonica

TUESDAYS AUGUST 6, 13, 20 & 27 8pm
A TRIBUTE to OLD and in the WAY
145 Westchester Ave. Portchester NY
Matt Turk mandolin/vocals
Deni Bonet fiddle/vocals
Adam Roberts bass
Ayodele Maakheru banjo
Howard Cohen guitar/vocals
Curtis Becraft guitar/vocals

1948 Washington Valley Rd
Martinsville, NJ

406 Redding Road, West Redding CT
with Fred Gillen Jr./bass & vocals, Kevin Hupp/drums

Matt Turk is an exemplary singer/songwriter from the New York area with a six-song CD overflowing with refined power pop that shows ingenuity and enthusiasm. "Jimmy" opens the CD with a hook that won't quit while conjuring images of angels taking a damaged human being from this realm to the next for a new start. "Buffalohead" is track three but should have switched places with the beautifully mournful "Never Said Goodbye." "Goodbye" brings things down a few notches while "Buffalohead" has intense boom boom drums from some "Indian Reservation" that Paul Revere & the Raiders once visited, and a very in controlled vocal by Turk.  As the late Lillian Roxon raved about the young and relatively unknown Jackson Browne in her book Rock Encyclopedia back in 1969, Matt Turk may strike you as just as talented a find. 

 Read more here

Wikipedia Kurt Weil

  1. Kurt Weill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ... his earliest preserved composition was written in 1913 and is titled Mi Addir. .... Weill himself strove to find a new way of creating an American opera that ..... the English Church and People) Book 2, Ch. 13; ^ Viglione, Joe (February 9, 2010).

    1. The Electric Flag: An American Music Band - Electric Flag : Songs ...
      by Joe Viglione ... The original album had "An American Music Band" under the group's name, and that slogan becomes the subtitle of this follow-up.

    2. The Best of the Joe Perry Project: The Music Still Does the Talk ... › LibraryEnterta
      inment & Arts › Pop Albums
      The Best of the Joe Perry Project: The Music Still Does the Talking Artist: The Joe Perry Project ... performer Bell -- is a vitally important chapter in American rock & roll, which Raven and McFarlane have lovingly packaged and preserved. If any reissue has a chance of finding a new audience, this is it. ~ Joe Viglione, Rovi ...

    3. This Diamond Ring - Gary Lewis & the Playboys : Songs, Reviews ...
      by Joe Viglione ... "The Best Man" ends the album, a sequel to "This Diamond Ring" where the singer is "just" the best man, a familiar wedding theme recurring ...
      More results for silver ring joe viglione

    4. The Rings - Rings : Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards : AllMusic
      by Joe Viglione. The self-titled debut album from The Rings had everything going for it: great production by the band, management by New England promotion ...
      More results for silver ring joe viglione

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Rolling Stones

Janis Reed and Joe Vig fight over the Stones' SOME GIRLS LIVE IN TEXAS '78

Janis Reed's point of view

Review: The Rolling Stones – Some Girls Live In Texas DVD

by Joe Viglione on February 11, 2012
Better lit than 1972’s Ladies & Gentlemen The Rolling Stones, that DVD filmed over four nights in Texas during 1972’s “Exile on Main Street” tour, this “Some Girls Live” is from a Fort Worth, Texas from July 18, 1978. The two projects – with 6 years between them – provide a Texas-twosome of Stones performances that make for good analysis…as well as the general good old time we expect from Mick & the boys.


Joe V discusses new Vinyl  Texas '78 Live SOME GIRLS

Back in the early 1970s finding the double disc of Rubber Dubber’s THE ROLLING STONES EUROPEAN TOUR LIVE 1970 was a special treat, especially when a live version of the unreleased “Brown Sugar” was there for all to hear before the song took over radio stations everywhere.  Taken from an October 1970 West Germany concert fans sought out classic boots like this as well as Janis Joplin’s Get It While You Can, The Beatles Let It Be and Dylan’s The Great White Wonder because the major labels with those artists under contract generated demand without fulfilling the promise that comes with creating that demand.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rock Journalist Joe Viglione on


Bill Press on Visual Radio-Television

"...Joe Viglione, the King of Mass. cable - tv!"

Bill Press, MSNBC commentator
author of Dutton Press book BUSH MUST GO 7/26/04 Cambridge, Mass.
Boston Globe Feb. 2004 Article on
Joe Viglione:

Landing big names

By Diana Brown, 2/1/2004
Cable television host Joseph Viglione launched his Visual Radio Television show nine years ago in Woburn. He has lined up some pretty impressive interviews along the way, which number 300 now and have aired in many local towns. Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson, singers Judy Collins and Suzanne Vega, performance artist Laurie Anderson, ''Mystic River" author Dennis Lehane, professor Stephen Hawking, and band members from The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad, The Rolling Stones, The Cars, and The Jefferson Starship, are just a sample of the notables Viglione has had on his show. Viglione writes for All Media Guide and is working on a book about Lou Reed's 1973 Rock 'n' Roll Animal Tour


Subject VH-1
Date Mon, August 2, 2004 3:19 am

Hey Joe!
Congrats on your success with VH-1.
All the best

Trudi and Ian Hunter

(Though Joe Viglione was taped for VH-1's "Story Behind The Songs" Autumn, 2003, Trudi and Ian are talking about VH-1s publishing of Joe's biographies on their webpage!)

Ian Hunter's � Rant �

Date: � Mon, August 2, 2004 7:11 am

To: �

Joe, just wanted to say that you are indeed one - if not the BEST - person when it comes to knowing the real scoop on Orleans over the years. Our history, how we got from A to B, who was involved where and when etc.
Beyond that, I happen to think that your critiques are dead on target, especially with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. The fact that you called these opinions at the concurrent time make them all the more credible.
TTy soon, larry Hoppen

Above link has JV reviews of Orleans and about 1,000 other AMG reviews

"It's A Cool Review"
Arend & Luke 7/26/04 7:28 a.m.
(Arend Slagman & Steve Lukather)


Hey Joe-

����Super review of the JBA DVD, thank you very much ! A lot of people including Bob Boyd worked very diligently on this project and I wanted to thank you personally for the thoughtful and positive words. Have a great holiday today, I look forward to talking with you in June.
Take care,


Jon Butcher Axis: Live At The Casbah
Artist Jon Butcher

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Jimi Hendrix Live at the Isle Of Wight

Blue Wild Angel

BLUE WILD ANGEL: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight

Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live

at The Isle Of Wight is a 102 minute documentary by Academy Award winner Murray Lerner which features a crystal clear updated sound mix by engineer/record producer Eddie Kramer and other goodies separating this version from the 56 minute 1970 release. Videotaped documentary footage recorded three decades after the original film was shot adds insight. There are interviews with Kramer, bassist {$Billy Cox}, drummer Mitch Mitchell, Jim Marron - president of Electric Lady Studios, Hendrix tour manager Gerry Stickles, along with director Lerner himself and full length versions of the included songs from the legendary festival. As audio fragments of this concert became commercially available through the years including three tracks on Columbia Records The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies and four other titles on Polydor's Jimi Hendrix / Isle Of Wight lp, different perceptions of one of Jimi's final concerts reached the public consciousness. At nearly double the 54 minute length of the Rhino Home Video} from 1970 entitled Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Isle of Wight, the result is simply breathtaking with Jimi Hendrix -
the rock star performing in all his glory as his sun was about to set. Lerner calls this "a labor of love which took a long time to finish" and he credits the Experience Hendrix company with helping obtain the backing to complete the project. Filmed between approximately 2 AM and 4 AM on August 31, 1970, it is so dark that the 600,000 or so people in the audience hardly affect what you see on the screen. The director said the film is "deliberately claustrophobic" realizing that "Jimi was the key thing to photograph" stating that they stuck to Hendrix "very intensely". Billy Cox's brilliant bass work can be heard cleanly as both he and drummer Mitch Mitchell creat a platform on which genius unfolds. Jimi's versatility is in evidence, he clearly separated making a record from performing on stage. Purple Haze explodes in a way that would never have captured AM radio airplay, and is a stark contrast to the blues of "Red House" which, on film, has lots of interesting shots of Jimi's hand playing against the light while his facial expression is of a man lost in thought while in the throes of a wild solo. The guitarist here is a master technician, as is Murray Lerner who captures this modern day Beethoven with equal brilliance. The contrast of "Red House's" subtleties to Hendrix turning up his Marshall stacks and giving the people what they want -he psychedelic blasts of "Foxy Lady" - is more proof of how the singer/performer utilized all aspects of the stage - combining the volume and feedback with his clothing, hair, body movements, foot on the wah wah pedal, over amplification, all tools of this part of his trade. The build up with photography of the landscape before the main event and daytime glimpes of the crowd (along with Billy Cox's memories of how loud they were) combine to make this a respectful and precise look at a special moment in music history. Murray Lerner feels the 20 minute version of "Machine Gun" here "makes a big difference. It's much more powerful" (than the previous seven minute edit they had in release). The DVD has different camera angles for some of the songs included in the theatrical version, and will also include a bonus rare live performance of "Dolly Dagger".

Joe Viglione

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The Supremes Right On �

Todd Royce

While artists often have love/hate relationships with reviews, Todd Royce is rather pleased with a recent, positive one at All Media Guide, (, for his CD "Step Into The Light."

"The big deal is it was written for a fairly mainstream Web site, by a prominent Boston rock critic who reviews well-known, established artists," says Royce. "It was kind of an amazing little thing that happened."

Writer Joe Viglione was researching Joe Jackson for a forward he was writing for the artist's new box set. When he Googled Jackson's drummer Gary Burke, with whom Royce recorded a few years ago, the writer came across the Maine musician's site.

"Joe Viglione wrote to me. We got to chatting, and he requested a copy of my CD. He liked it, got his publisher to request a review for AMG, and voila!"
Meanwhile Royce is making last-minute changes to his in-progress CD, "Waiting For You." He's invited regular drummer PJ Donahue to do the last two recordings, which were originally planned as acoustic tunes.

"Because his outstanding drumming just continues to impress the hell out of me," Royce says.

Tim Moore Collectible Records

Stompy Jones

Reviews on Nils Lofgren's page Barry & Holly Tashian

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Joe Viglione and author Dennis Lehane

interviewed on Visual Radio for his book
"Prayers For Rain" - the first TV interview
for that book! Re-broadcast the week of October 10,2003 to coincide with release of Lehane's MYSTIC RIVER see the VRTV homepage:

It's Innovative Television tm

Called by John Sgarlat, creator of the Infomercial,
"The best show on Public Access In America",

Joe Viglione developed Visual Radio - Television
while working for Mr. Sgarlat's North American Media Corporation -

as Director Of Research.
North American Media created PBS specials
with actor Paul Sorvino and mezzo soprano Marilyn Horne.

The first Visual Radio featured an interview with Jefferson Airplane founder Marty Balin and a concert by The Jefferson Starship featuring the first televised airing of Balin's hit record "Hearts" performed with Jefferson Starship. Since that debut in 1995 VRTV has brought these individuals into the homes of tv viewers:

Richard Branson,

Professor Stephen Hawking

Judy Collins

Linda Ronstadt

Lou Reed

Archer Mayor

Kevin Baker

Spiderman scriptwriter David Koepp

Laurie Anderson

Greg Hawkes & Ben Orr from The Cars

comedienne Margaret Cho

Danny Klein of J Geils Band

Alex Hahn - author of Prince Possessed

authors Kevin Baker, Donald Westlake, Jennifer Weiner, Patricia Gaffney, Sharon Salzburg -

over 280 hours of programming to about a million homes in New England weekly on Public Access television.

For more information: Main addresses

Visual Radio
P.O. Box 2392
Woburn, MA 01888
tel;(781)935 5386


Bette Midler in THE ROSE on Live Daily � 4201,,28

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Billy Zane Museum CQ Review

��CQ REVIEW Joe Viglione's First Impressions Oh joy! An artsy film. This mostly flawed, disjointed, boring affair was written and directed by the son of the man who made The Godfather movies. So before I decimate it and spank Roman Coppola's 36 year old bottom, we must first chastise Georgia Kacandes, Willi Baer and Francis Ford Coppola for putting their names as executive producers on this mess, sparing the rod, spoiling the child. Remember when Dean Martin played Matt Helm in his versions of James Coburn's Derek Flint ??? Both launching their efforts in 1966, with Martin getting more sequels out of it than Coburn. Turn that upside down with a version of 007 meets Barbarella and build a film around it featuring half-hearted quips poking fun at the movie industry. A parody is supposed to be humorous but the jokes made about making pictures are actually sharp barbs which boomerang right back on this display. Despite so much falling flat, there are some redeeming moments. Jeremy Davies as "Paul Ballard", exudes a handsome innocence which almost overcomes the script.
The actor fails to grab the authority necessary to pull this movie out Sominexville---and he's given the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to upstage Roman Coppola and do what the hero of the film is supposed to do. The soundtrack is terrific, perhaps not as legendary as Bob Crewe's work with sixties band Glitterhouse" and Moogy Klingman, but it is retro cool and doesn't disappoint. Producer Michael Curb always aspired to create this kind of music for his A.I.P. soundtracks on Tower Records like Riot On Sunset Strip and heck, wasn't Dean Stockwell in Psych-Out, another film from the era with music released on that legendary Tower imprint? Well, Stockwell appears in this film as Paul's dad, Dr. Ballard, and he keeps up his persona from the Quantum Leap TV series, womanizing. Only it is he, not Scott Bakula, who is the anachronism here. One of the film posters actually has "Enzo D. Martini Production", ribbing Dean Martin from the aforementioned Matt Helm flicks????
Since John Lennon's sons, Sean and Julian, have yet to do anything on par with their famous dad, this film comes off like yet another person demanding a DNA test to see if Jimi Hendrix fathered them. You don't need DNA in order to see, feel, hear and touch the real thing, and this ain't no Godfather flick. There is no passion for filmmaking, no thought of what the audience might want. For escapism, CQ could have been the long awaited sequel to should have been science fiction all the way through with the dry humor phased in as a sub-plot...the Dragonfly character could have been fun without the lunacy, the dragging plotline, the thoughts of "can I leave now" entering the minds of the viewer. WFNX Radio sponsored this event and free T Shirts were given out, and it's a good thing...the $2.50 for parking would have been too high a price to pay to sit through this. Maybe Roman Coppola can find that Boston recording artist who sent out $5.00 bills to come to the press party...oh what was his name...Morphius or something...two page ads in Billboard, full page ads popcorn and parking is the least a radio station can do if they want you to come out and see this.

Boston Globe on Joe Vig

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